Sales Managers

Sales management is arguably the toughest job in sales, so you need all the help you can get to prepare and manage pipeline review meetings. Convercio offers organizational structure and actionable insights to help to beat your numbers and stay in control of your business.


SAVE TIME, QUickly understand what needs attention

Digging through reports and dashboards to figure out what needs attention is time-consuming. Convercio automatically aggregates actionable insights at the opportunity, seller, and team levels, resulting in more effective, data-driven pipeline review discussions.

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Simplify your 1:1s, never miss a beat

You have a lot on your plate: checking in on established action items, which deals need to be discussed, or how seller skills are progressing over time. Convercio helps simplify and organize 1:1s with sales reps by facilitating meeting preparation and management and keeping track of next steps, issues, and seller behavior over time. 

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coach better, improve forecasts

Knowing what to inspect and how to inspect is what differentiates a good sales manager from a great sales manager. Convercio helps establish a healthy review rhythm by providing insights on deals and guidance to validate each deal stage based on your company's sales process.  

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