Sales Leaders

More companies are recognizing the value of consistency and are adopting a prescriptive approach to sales management coaching and inspection. Convercio equips sales managers with the right information and questions to run efficient meetings while also helping sales leaders understand and assess current coaching strategies.


Improve forecast accuracy

Let's be honest, no one likes missing a forecast, it suggests that sales managers are either not in control of their pipeline or are not asking the right questions in their 1:1s. Convercio provides sales managers with a structured approach to pipeline reviews, creating a consistent process that can be measured and improved over time.

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increase sales manager  productivity

"We know they are talking, we just don't know if it's effective.”

A sales manager spends an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour per seller in weekly 1:1s, and that does not factor in essential preparation ahead of those meetings. Overwhelmed with data, many managers skip the prep work and rely on seller optimism to shape their meetings rather than vital data. Convercio equips sales managers with the critical insights they need to lead an effective discussion.

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boost win rates

A poor inspection process leads to bloated pipelines, making it hard to identify the most viable deals. Convercio helps sales managers review the pipeline to see which deals have the highest closing potential and also alert them to specific seller behaviors that need improvement. 

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