Sales Enablement

Achieving consistency in pipeline inspection and coaching among managers is challenging, but not doing so can lead to missed forecasts and employee turnover. Convercio is uniquely designed from the ground up to help sales teams establish a culture of consistency around pipeline reviews that can be measured and improved over time.


diagnose and measure how coaching happens

"We know they are talking, we just don't know if it's effective.”

The quality of pipeline inspection varies greatly by sales managers and it's difficult to diagnose who needs help. Convercio logs when managers are meeting with their reps and how they are structuring those meetings to better coach the sales coach.

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sustain your sales process

After training sales managers on your sales process, the next phase is ensuring it's part of their everyday conversations with their team. Convercio embeds your sales process in the pipeline inspection discussion, ensuring managers ask strategic questions, validate exit criteria and execute activities related to every sales stage.

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simplify manager onboarding

Most sales managers are promoted from within the company, but strong selling does not necessary translate to effective coaching—the transition can be overwhelming for newly promoted managers. Convercio helps them develop a structured approach to pipeline inspection, guiding them through the areas that need their attention, providing easy-to-read insights, and ensuring 1:1s and follow-up meetings are regularly scheduled and effectively run.

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