Our unique approach integrates AI-driven analytics and workflow optimization tools into an existing Salesforce environment designed for sales managers, to help them execute consistent and effective pipeline review processes


CONVERCIO Coordinator

Convercio Coordinator creates and manages 1:1s and follow-up meetings with individual sales reps, providing sales managers a streamlined workflow that ensures the sales process is thoroughly and regularly reviewed during weekly discussions with sales reps. 

Convercio Coordinator also strengthens coaching by offering sales managers relevant questions and customized exit criteria at every sales stage, resulting in overall managerial consistency and the ability to measure process-related team performance.



Convercio Expert analyzes Salesforce data to generate powerful but easy-to-read insights at the opportunity, seller, and team levels. With these actionable insights, sales managers save time by not having to interpret dashboards or reports. Convercio Expert’s insights helps managers focus on advancing their team’s opportunities, identify areas for their professional development, and provide accurate forecasts to sales leadership.