Managed Services

Our managed service allows sales teams to focus on selling and delegate core sales operations functions to us. A project managed by Convercio normally includes the following services:



Goal: Increase quota attainment, forecast accuracy and overall pipeline predictability

  • Data Driven Forecast: We will suggest a forecast recommendation for each opportunity, right In your CRM, based on our data analysis engine that will be the base line for your Managers to build their roll-up.
  • Discounting Analysis: We will analyze discounting patterns that will help you estimate actual pipeline value and how that may impact your forecast.
  • Forecast Accuracy Analysis: We will assess how effective is your forecasting to help you understand what is driving under/over forecasting by your sales managers.
  • Top Deal Reporting: For those deals that are make or break we will maintain a detailed status report with current issues and close plan.
  • Forecast Roll-up: We will help you implement a robust bottoms-up sales forecasting process, designing your process training your team and configuring your environment if necessary. 
  • Pipeline Analysis: Diagnose pipeline for Sales Managers and provide recommended action based on Best Practices
  • Setup: Define sales process, produce pipeline metrics and build reports/dashboards



Sales manager performance & coaching

Goal: Improve front-line sales manager productivity & rep retention

  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching: We will evaluate how each of your sales managers is coaching and provide recommendation and training suggestions.
  • Sales Manager Training: We will provide an essentials training for your sales managers and ensure any new manager on boards quickly on your existing process. 
  • Sales Performance Management: We will help you design and implement the KPIs and targets for your sales managers and reps, providing ongoing reporting on how they are progressing.
  • Manage your Inspection & Coaching Rhythm: We will help you design your process, training your sales managers. Then, ongoing we well take care of the scheduling and pre-work data prep for all the pipeline review meetings and ensure your process runs smoothly.

How we Deliver